Ayurvedic Hot Water Treatments

Ayurvedic Hot Water Treatments

Water is mentioned in many Ayurvedic writings. The effects of water on the physical well-being are described in detail. Hot water is considered to be more beneficial, since it possesses additional positive effects.

From the Ayurvedic perspective, the most important effects of water are:

  • effectiveness against fatigue.
  • supports the skin's natural radiance.
  • prevents digestive problems.
  • refreshes and is easily absorbed by the body.

Hot water has even more beneficial effects. Through the heating process it is enriched with energy, thus achieving a better quality that is referred to as sukushma (pervasive). Heating water dissolves substances such as limestone that are contained in our water reserves. Thus, purified and warm water penetrates the finer body channels more easily, making them easier to clean.

Ayurveda incorporates hot water treatments due to these positive effects it has on the body. These hot water treatments lasts seven to ten days and can be carried out several times a year. This is how to go about it:

For the duration of the treatment, take a few sips of warm or hot water every 30 minutes. The hot water should be prepared each morning. The water is boiled for about ten minutes and then poured into a thermos. There is no minimum quantity of water that should be consumed. When a few sips are consumed every 30 minutes, up to two liters of water will be consumed. 

The effect of the hot water is extremely beneficial effects:

  • It supports the self-cleansing of the body and provides it with energy.
  • It helps with digestion problems, - Agni is increased, which leads to improved digestion of food.
  • Hot water transports nutrients in the body.
  • At the same time, it helps to excrete waste products and toxins from the body.

The hot water can be enriched by adding spices to it. These spices enhance the effects of the treatment.

Balancing vata

Boil two liters of water for five minutes and add ½ a teaspoon of fennel seeds, ¼ teaspoon marshmallow and three mint leaves.

Soothing pitta

Boil two liters of water for two minutes. Then add a clove, two rosebuds and a ¼ teaspoon of fennel seeds. During summer the water can be cooled to room temperature. During winter it should be drunk at warmer temperatures.

Balancing kapha

Boil two liters of water for five minutes. Then add three basil leaves, two thin pieces of fresh ginger, ½ a teaspoon of fennel and a ¼ teaspoon of cumin. Enjoy warm or hot.

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The Ayurvedic water treatment should also facilitate weight loss. By drinking hot water on a regular basis, appetite for snacks in between meals are decreased, promoting fat burn and supporting detoxification.