PLANET PURE Organic Hypoallergenic Fragrance Free Dish Soap

Natural cleaning power, protects the environment and our skin

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Natural & organic
  • Dermatologically tested
  • GMO and palm oil free
  • Fragrance free
  • Austrian Organic Guarantee and animal fair certified
  • Organic
  • Vegan

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Organic Hypoallergenic Fragrance Free Dish Soap

PLANET PURE Organic Dish Soaps are carefully blended from pure plant saponins which have naturally powerful cleaning properties without any chemical processing. They provide purely natural cleaning and grease cutting power without the use of hazardous chemicals and therefore protect our environment and our skin.


  • dissolves grease, dirt and impurities using the natural power of plants
  • provides sparkling and clean dishes
  • contains saponins, plant-based surfactants of natural origin
  • fragrance-free, especially suitable for people with sensitive skin and allergies

Add a small amount of the Organic Hypoallergenic Fragrance Free Dish Soap to warm to hot water. For stubborn stains, the dosage may be increased.

Product Features: Organic , Vegan


Ingredients: 15-30% nonionic surfactants (soap nut extract*, soapwort extract, camellia seed extract*, Decyl glucoside, Xylose), preservative (potassium sorbate), p-Anisic Acid.

* Organic
* Natural