ekos Lavender & Tea Tree Wool and Delicates Detergent

Gentle on delicate fabrics

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Lavender & Tea Tree Wool and Delicates Detergent

This wool and mild detergent by Eko was developed especially for textiles made from wool and silk. It cleans, maintains and also makes fabrics more comfortable to wear.


  • particularly well suited for delicates and wools, for hand and machine wash
  • fiber cleanses deeply and gently, nurtures
  • soft, smooth, increased comfort
  • leaves a pleasant scent of lavender through pure essential oils
  • dermatologically and nickel tested
  • especially for allergy sufferers and people with particularly sensitive skin
  • free of synthetic fragrances and dyes
  • highly biodegradable, environmentally friendly

A 1 liter bottle is enough for about 30 wash loads for lightly to normally soiled laundry at a normal water hardness. The dosage refers to washing machines with a capacity of 2.5 kg Machine wash: pour 35 -45 ml in the designated slot in the machine. We recommend the use of a measuring cup.
Hand wash: depending on the level of soil, pour about 35-45 ml into 10 liters of warm water. Soak the clothes to be treated and mix by hand, so that all clothes are completely drenched. Leave to soak for approximately 10-15 minutes. Then rinse properly, press out the water gently, and hang up or dry.

Squeeze out excess water gently, do not twist clothes!
Keep container stored in a cool and dry place!
For synthetic fibers wash at a max. of 40 ° degrees, for wool and silk wash at a max. of 30 degrees!

normally soiled laundry 35 ml
heavily soiled laundry 45 ml
Brand: ekos

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