Classic Fragrance Lamps

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  • Farfalla Fragrance Light Junior
    • With a white ceramic attachment
    • With a white ceramic tealight holders
    • For vaporising fragrance oils
  • Bitto HERA Diffuser
    • Perfect for your bedroom
    • Made with stylish bamboo and glass
  • Bitto ELLA Diffuser
    • Diffuses fragrances and luxurious light
    • Made of bamboo and glass
    • With an integrated LED light
  • Bitto MONA Diffuser
    • With a timer & interval functions
    • Made of stylish bamboo & glass
    • Adjustable light intensity
    • Automatically changes colour
    • Made of glass & bamboo
    • Create a cosy space to unwind and relax
    • With a built in salt crystal lamp
    • Creates a cozy atmosphere
    • Choose from five levels of light intensity
    • The pleasant atmosphere
    • Attractive design
    • Optimum diffusion temperature

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