Österreichische Bergkräuter Dried Organic Holy Basil

Indian basil

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Tulsi herb, Indian basil, or Holy Basil belongs to a genus of the basil family. Its natural habitat is subtropical and it is found in tropical Asia and northern Australia. Tulsi plays an important role among the Hindus as a "holy herb" because it plays an important role in religious ceremonies and is associated with many fables and legends. In Ayurvedic medicine, Tulsi herb is described as a versatile herb: it strengthens the digestive system, protects the immune system, is effective against stress and warms from the inside. Also, it could have an antibacterial effect or could help lower cholesterol.

Bioga® BIO These are carefully selected herbs and spices from certified organic cultivation in Galke quality. Bioga® BIO products are packed in recycled brown cardboard with a window.

Brand: Galke, Österreichische Bergkräuter
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Organic holy basil

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