biolù Stain Remover Powder

Removes stubborn stains and disinfects

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • With active oxygen
  • Disinfecting effect
  • For colors and whites
  • Vegan and certified AIAB

  • Vegan

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Fleckenentferner- powder

This stain removing powder by Biolu easily removes stubborn stains and can be used in dissolved form as a surface disinfectant.


  • for colored and white laundry
  • removes stains, graying and acts as a disinfectant
  • suitable for the disinfection of surfaces
  • free of synthetic fragrances
  • quickly and completely biodegradable

Hand washing: dissolve 25 g (one tablespoon) in 5 liters of warm water. Soak the clothes to be treated and mix by hand, so that all the clothes are drenched. Soak approximately 2-3 minutes long in the water. Then rinse properly, press out the water gently and hang up or dry.
Washing machine: Pour 25 g (one tablespoon) into the detergent dispenser, start washing.
Disinfectant: dissolve 50 grams (two tablespoons) in 1 liter of warm water, treat surface with a cloth, sponge or spray bottle, soak for about 60 seconds, and then wipe off.

Squeeze out excess water gently, do not twist clothes!
Keep container stored in a cool and dry place!

Brand: biolù
Product Features: Vegan


Ingredients (INCI): sodium carbonate peroxide, sodium carbonate, citrus aurantium dulcis oil*

* derived from natural ingredients

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