Kenrico SS2Li Herbal Plasters with Raspberry

Support the metabolism

  • Help with menstrual cramps
  • Support for menopausal symptoms
  • Preparation for childbirth
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  • Help with menstrual cramps
  • Support for menopausal symptoms
  • Preparation for childbirth
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SS2Li Herbal Plaster with Raspberries

  • This herbal patch contains raspberries and was developed specifically for women. It can be used with specific reflex zones.
  • High-quality plant ingredients from organic farming come together in these efficient herbal plasters.
  • As a world leader, quality, purity and international research have been important to Kenrico for over 30 years.

Recommended Use:

  • Stick the patches to the soles of your feet overnight in order to stimulate the reflex zones.
  • A repeat of the treatment is recommended in spring and autumn to support the metabolism.
  • Targeted applications using 10-30 pieces are possible all year depending on your requirements. They can also be distributed throughout the month. A combination of different varieties can be used at any time.
  • For use other than on the feet like the back or joints, the patch can be worn during the day.
  • For use on the feet, apply for 6-8 hours, for use on other parts of the body, use up to 12 hours.
  • Repeated application is advised depending on where you use the patches and your desired success.

How does a herbal patch work?

  • Tourmaline heats the soles of the feet, increasing perspiration. This releases active substances from the patch and enables the elimination of waste materials through the soles.

Not intended for use on open wounds.

Brands: Kenrico


Ingredients per patch
Raspberries & raspberry leaves, folic acid, vitamin B9 0.80 g
Ubame oak (Quercus Phillyraeoides) 0.80 g
Bamboo Vinegar arrow bamboo (Pseudosasa Japonica) 2.25 g
Dextrin 0.95 g
Loquat (Eriobotrya Japonica) 0.10 g
Dokudami (Houttuynia cordata) 0.10 g



*JAS certified organic ingredients

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