The ayurvedic term rasayana has numerous meanings. Collectively, they are all focus around rejuvenation.

Anti-aging as been very relevant in the Western world for many years now. People have gone though absurd and alarming proportions to fight the signs of aging, and becoming unrecognizable in the process i.e. plastic surgery.  

Apart from reconstructive surgery and chemical remedies, a natural and more healthy ayurvedic approach to anti-aging has been practiced for numerous years.

Rasayana means "achieving the optimal state of tissue". In Ayurveda the term also refers to as elixier of life and rejuvenation.

The possibilities for so-called rasayanas are manifold. They can be used for

  • the prevention of diseases.

  • health promotion.

  • regeneration and rehabilitation.

  • cosmetic purposes.

  • anti-aging and wellness.

  • geriatrics.

The classic effects of rasayanas are very comprehensive. They

  • stabilize the tissue.

  • strengthen digestive fire and metabolism.

  • keep the three doshas in balance.

  • improve the quality of sleep.

  • promote health and youth.

  • eliminate mental and physical fatigue as well as weakness.

  • promote beauty and radiance.

It is about the renewal and strengthening of the organism. Aging should be delayed or stopped, achieving a longer life. The mental component plays an important role on all kinds of diseases, including mental disease or the formation thereof, prevented. Rasayanas may be applied to

  • a general feeling of weakness.

  • senility.

  • weak immune system.

  • stress and its negative effects.

  • developmental disorders in children.

  • fertility problems.

The application is often done by taking specific remedies or undergoing treatments. Unlike panchakarma treatments, it is not only about detoxification. Rasayana treatments go deeper and are more comprehensive because they also incorporate rejuvenating the body and mind. 

Rasa stands for life and love. Rasayana therefore refers to new life, new love and new joy. Rasayana can be performed by each individual as a kind of personal revitalization measure.

Sit down and think about how best to do good by your body and mind and plan a self-compiled treatment. Consider all kinds of "exercises" for body and mind. For example: "For the next three months I will practice consuming only healthy food and avoid any excessive amounts of fat, salt and sugar, focusing on more vegetables and fruits. I want to be more kind and friendly to my fellow men, and do more of what brings me joy."

Avoiding negative or harmful effects are crucial since they overcloud all the positive ones. 

The following should be avoided in order to renew body, mind and soul:

An unhealthy diet

  • low-grade, chemically processed and unhealthy foods

  • tainted food such as mould cheese

  • too sour, too salty and spicy meals and food

  • indigestible foods (cheese, yogurt, greasy food, lots of meat)

  • always prepare "dry" food (maize, millet, leafy vegetables) with sufficient good fats and enough liquid

  • fermented cereal and legume products

  • incorrect food combinations suchas milk with sour or salty foods and bananas

  • irregular meal times. It is recommended to aim for three meals a day, whereby the main meal should be at midday.

  • eat again before the previous meal has been digested (after about 4-5 hours)

Unhealthy behavior or conduct

  • a life without rhythm

  • deep sleep during the day

  • lack of sleep and too little rest

  • too much alcohol, nicotine and other social drugs

  • physical overtaxing of all kinds or complete lack of exercise

  • mental strain

  • no mental relaxation methods

  • emotional imbalance (fears, anxieties, aggression, loneliness)