General Information

About Agni - The Digestive Fire

Agni, as the digestive fire is called in Ayurveda, plays a central role in our health. But what is it actually? Find out more here.


Cosmoveda is a German turned global brand that has directed their focus toward producing high-quality, Ayurvedic products.

Menopause & Ayurveda

Menopause is a transitional phase in every woman's life when hormonal changes occur. This hormonal turning point is often accompanied by discomfort and mood swings. Thanks to Ayurveda this need not be the case.


The ayurvedic term rasayana has numerous meanings. Collectively, they are all focus around rejuvenation.

Find Your Dosha - The Test

In Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine, the holistic approach is the basic principle. Only when body and mind are in harmony, a happy and healthy life can be enjoyed. To achieve this, it is important to know what your dosha type is. Take the...