Michael Droste-Laux Muscle Relaxation Oil

15-Herb distillate for muscle well-being

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Registered medical product
  • Ideal for treating strained body parts
  • Suitable as a massage oil
  • Protects against hyperacidity

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The Muscle Relaxation Oil by Michael Droste-Laux is made up of distillate obtained from 15 different herbs that help to increase muscle well-being and that of the metabolism before being confronted with an acid environment. Depending on its application, the unfolds its effects through mechanical heating or cooling evaporation.

The oil can be applied before or after physical activity to maintain the joints and muscles, and also doubles as a neck, shoulder and joints' massage oil.


  1. Pour a few drops into the palms of your hands and use to massage the skin.
  2. This is a very intensive and rich product, and can thus be diluted using other massage oils.
  3. It can also be used for shaving - simply add a few drops of oil to your shaving cream.


  • Do not use massage oils in combination with latex condoms as it may cause them to break.


Ingredients: 100 g of distillate made up of 33.5 g of orange oil, 30 g of eucalyptus oil, 14 g of peppermint oil, 8 g of rosemary oil, 7.5 g of aniseed oil, 2 g of sage oil, 2 g of thyme oil, 1.25 g of star anise oil, 0.5 g of millet pine oil, 0.5 g of melissa oil, 0.1 g of juniper berry oil, 0.05 g of caraway oil, 0.05 g of carnation oil, 0.05 g of cinnamon oil