Österreichische Bergkräuter Bergkräuter Do Yourself Some Good Herb Pillows

Used as fragrance and heating pads

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Size approx 18 x 30 cm
  • With fragrant organic herbs
  • Soothes muscle & joint pain
  • Can also be used for herbal baths


The herbal pillow is filled with hay flower, yarrow, spelt husks, artemisia and lavandin. All herbs are organically grown. It can be used as a sachet for the home or for laundry, or can be warmed to soothe painful areas.

Application: place in the house or in linen closet. You can also heat up in the oven or with steam and lay over painful areas.

Tip: If the scent of herbs subsides, knead by the pillow. When the stalks of the herbs break, fragrant essential oils are released. Herbal pillows have a maximum of 1 year effect, however, before you discard the herbs, you can still enjoy a soothing herbal bath.

Note: Do not heat in the microwave. Risk of fire!

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