Apeiron natural care

The term Apeiron comes from Greek and means:
"Never reach your limits."

You can count on Apeiron for:

  • Natural BDIH certified cosmetics
  • Products made without synthetic colours and fragrances, paraffins (mineral oils), parabens and PEG compounds
  • Raw materials from certified organic cultivation, always sustainably produced
  • 95% of our cosmetic products are vegan
  • All skin and hair care products are free of added alcohol / ethanol
  • Collaboration with regional suppliers, recyclable PE / PET / glass packaging and boxes
  • Our boxes are made of wood from reforestable forests (FSC certified)
  • Apeiron cosmetics are not tested on animals
  • Fair trade / social projects
  • Family run business for more than 15 years. Continuity and quality are carefully checked at our location in Germany


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