HA-THA - Herbal Balm

For Your Daily Holistic Wellness

All of HA-THA's products are based on the modern spa culture in Asia. Western perfumery and European organic certification combine tradition and modernity. The company completely supports fair trade, sustainable products, future-oriented values and products that are not tested on animals.

  • HA-THA Classic Red Herbal Balm
    • Warming effect
    • With coconut oil for silky soft skin
    • For the neck, shoulders & back
  • HA-THA Move Herbal Balm
    • With Kalmegh & Sabah Snake Grass
    • Massage into the joints
    • Cares for dry skin
  • HA-THA Classic White Herbal Balm
    • Cooling & refreshing
    • Get silky smooth skin with coconut oil
    • For the temples, neck, forehead and sternum
  • HA-THA Repair Herbal Balm
    • Vitamin E & minerals for your skin
    • For especially dry skin and lips
    • Ultimate moisturiser

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