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Himalaya Herbals began in the forests of Burma when a man was watching local villagers feeding roots to an excited herd of elephants to calm them down. The native herb the locals were feeding the elephants is called Rauwolfia serpentine. This experience led to the development of the world's first natural blood pressure reducing medication in 1934 named Serpina®. He went on to found the Himalaya Herbals company. Today the company is a leading global producer of herbal health and personal care products selling nearly 500 products in over 100 countries.

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Himalaya Herbals began as a young man's vision in Burma in the 1930's. After years of studying medicinal plants and their uses, the young man began introducing traditional Indian products to the world market. The original product range was expanded to include cosmetics in the late 1990's. The products are developed and manufactured based on Ayurvedic herbal knowledge and offers effective, but mild and safe cosmetics for body care from head to toe.

Today Himalaya Herbals makes their products in Bangalore, India.