Sonnentor Warming Honey- with Ginger

Creamed blossom honey with ginger

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Harmoniously
  • Slightly pungent taste
  • Seductive Sweetness
  • Organic

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Warming ginger has found a wonderful harmony in honey. Use ginger honey as a sweetener, not just in the winter, but whenever you need a boost. It has a slightly spicy taste - and is a culinary enrichment for ginger lovers.

Tasting advice
This "Warming Honey" adds a kick to tea, cocoa or hot chocolate. For connoisseurs, we also recommend adding it to a fine cheese plate. Another use is mixing the honey with fine spices for a barbecue marinade for chicken, lamb, pumpkin or bananas.

Brands: Sonnentor
Product Features: Organic


organic Austrian creamed flower blossom honey, organic ginger 1%

Note: Sonnentor did not use any kind of chemical additives in the production of this honey. Any added ingredients also originate from organic farming to guarantee the pure enjoyment of this sweet dish.