The Story

Cosmoveda was founded by Günther Eckerle, a food chemist and pharmacologist in 1995. He studied and broadened his Ayurvedic knowledge in India and Sri Lanka. The recipes and formulas for the products are based on the knowledge he attained during his years of travel and study.


Only the highest quality standards come into play during the production of Cosmoveda products. These include:

  • Exclusive use of high-quality raw materials
  • The carefully processing of raw materials
  • The development of effective formulas and recipes

The goal is to create healthy products that do well by the mind, body and soul.

Product Assortment

With its headquarters in Berlin, Germany, the company has also started producing its products internationally with its own manufacturing base in Sri Lanka. There, the finished products made with fruits and coconut raw materials are manufactured and shipped to the USA, Canada and the United Arab Emirates.

An array of products are manufactured and classified by the following categories:

  • Food & Drinks: support a vegetarian, health-conscious diet and lifestyle
  • Health & Wellness: help to balance the doshas thus preventing or counteracting physical and psychological illness and dysfunctions
  • Natural Cosmetics: product palette made up of natural cosmetics for the face, body, massage and wellness.

Charities & Projects

Cosmoveda engages in several charitable projects around the globe, such as organic farming projects in Asia, and have founded their own Lotus Life Foundation that is active in the areas of environmental protection, alternative medicine and sustainable development aid. Nature and environmental protection are not the company’s only main focus. They are also passionate and active when it comes to human rights and the protection of human dignity. Cosmoveda also aims to provide sustainable aid and assistance to the poor and those in need.

Cosmoveda also strives to:

  • Improving the living conditions of raw material producers through fair pricing.
  • Subsidising alternative energy and water supply
  • Protecting the environment and species through the use of mixed cultivation in place of plantations
  • Promoting the use of quality-preserving production processes

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