Purify your Body with Ayurveda

Constant fatigue, indigestion, coating on the tongue or frequent colds are indications of Ama (body toxins, waste products). They accumulate in the body and can weaken the whole body, making you ill. Ayurveda can help drain these toxins from the body.

Poor digestion cause havoc on the metabolism and ama -  which means "undigested" or "unprocessed". These body toxins and waste products are formed in the gastrointestinal tract, liver, metabolism of cells and may spread into the blood and eventually throughout the body.

This "poisoning" can be caused by rich food, fast, careless and irregular meals, eating too late and too frequently, pollutants, food intolerance to cold or dry food, too little fluid, alcohol and drugs - but may also be a result of stress and mental stress. White flour, sugar, alcohol, meat, fish, eggs, hard cheese and soy also increase ama.

For the elimination of toxins and for improved digestion, the body and mind require stimulation and rest periods. This can be achieved through drinking water that has been boiled for ten to fifteen minutes. Boiled water forms a sweetish taste. The first cup is drunk lukewarm to hot, before breakfast, after which every half hour to hour a few sips should be consumed. Boiled water is pure liquid and absorbed by the body very quickly. As a rule of thumb in Ayurveda: 33 millilitres per kilogram of body weight should be consumed to cover the daily requirement of liquid (an individual weighing 50 kg should consume 1.8 litres per day).

Warm ginger tea can be enjoyed throughout the course of the day.
And of course, one should stick to a diet: Reduced the consumption of processed products that contain chemical additives

Optimal digestion is indicated when the body shows signs of hunger two or three times a day. In Ayurveda, it is recommended not to eat between meals, but only when the stomach is empty. This is the case after 30 minutes or two hours when fruit and easily digested vegetables have been consumed. After a full meal, four to six hours should be the lapse period before the next meal is consumed. The main meal should occur at lunchtime and in teh evening only light dishes should be consumed. 

Sports and exercise cause the body to sweat and promote the excretion of toxins through the skin. Sauna, steam rooms and massages are also effective.
In addition: Cleans the tongue using a (tooth) brush and the mouth using an oil rinse. A tablespoon of sesame oil, sunflower oil or olive oil is placed in the mouth and moved around for a few minutes. The oil accumulates the toxins that are then spit out with the toxins. This process is known as "oil pulling", which is an old household remedy with no side effects.